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At Restoration Rochester we help families and individuals from all walks of life. You are not alone, 
and we will walk with you through your situation to support you through every challenge you face. 
Our Compassion Care Managers will assist you in setting goals and taking the right steps to help you become restored: mind, body, and soul. 

To provide a bridge where every person in the community is

restored and thriving. 


To eliminate poverty and social injustices by creating an environment where families and individuals in need receive equitable access to resources and

compassionate care. 


We offer a safe place for people to share, heal, and grow. At Restoration Rochester we believe that we are better together and encourage community connections and healthy relationships. 

The Restoration Process

We will listen to you about your current situation. We believe that every family is like a finger print and every situation is unique. Not only do we listen, but we truly care. Let us walk you through our person centered / goal oriented

approach to healing. 

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