Compassion Care Management

Our Compassion Care Managers work hard for you. They make sure that you have access to everything you need to take control of your situation. We have a person centered / goal oriented process that helps you to move from just surviving to thriving. 

Every Compassion Care Manager has been hand selected by our Board of Directors and will be a tremendous help to coordinating care and services in a smooth and efficient way. 

Tier 1

Emergency Needs

1 Day - 3 Week Program

Providing emergency needs such as food, clothing, and  shelter referrals.

Tier 2


3 Week - 6 Month Program 


Providing stabilization through eviction prevention, paying outstanding bills, job search assistance, resume help, housing relocation, etc. 

Tier 3



6 month - 2 Year Program 

Providing mentoring needed in order  for family to become fully self sufficient and restored.