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Restoration Rochester prevented my family from becoming homeless. I am so thankful for all of the help they provided. This experience changed my life for the better."

Marie Pierre


On behalf of Cedar Creek Partners, Emerald Point Real Estate, SBM Properties, and Gary and Nick Bunce, we want to thank you for the your service to the community of Rochester. The help that the organization provides to tenants with past due rent is crucial in giving support and guidance to community members that are in need of help. Your organization is necessary in keeping our city moving in a positive direction.


Thank you for what you do and as property owners and managers, we believe there is a continual need for your help.


Thank you again

Jacob Bunce - Owner / Operator 

Restoration Rochester is amazing!! I cannot say enough good things about their team. They helped myself, my girlfriend, and kids from being homeless. Leah was our liaison with the unprofessional landlord we had to deal with. She saved us from losing housing benefits and always there for us. She did not judge us. She listened and came to our aid. She and team are amazing!! God sent us an angel with Leah!! I am extremely forever grateful!! Thank you Leah for being so caring and amazing!!

Denise - Program Participant 

My name is Cynthia and I would like to just take this time out to say thank you to the wonderful team at restoration Rochester for the time and the follow through that they showed me in the time of need .I wasn't seeing it any light at the end of the tunnel when I was looking for rental assistance I was out of work due to The COVID  pandemic. I was referred to these two wonderful ladies. They exhausted all avenues to find  help for me and my family and then when they couldn't help me they sent me to another agency they held my hand and walk with me through every step of the way. This team went above and beyond to keep me and my son in our home and I would just take this opportunity to say thank you!

Cynthia - Program Participant

A huge thank you to those at Restoration Rochester, especially Annette and Leah! These aren't people just helping others but creating a sense of community and security during these very uncertain times. I am so grateful to have found this organization that has rescued me during my most difficult times. My faith in humanity has been restored. Thanks to them my children had access to basic needs we were not able to get. I am externally grateful for their generosity and hard work, not only for my self but everyone else they serve in our community. Thank you so much for all you do for us!

~ Anonymous ~